Beachcombers Defined

True beachcombers might be recognized by the rich burnished hue of their sundrenched skin, by their love of all things coastal or by their perpetual happy nature derived from loving life.

Carroll and Dori Pensinger split their time among three homes while traveling up and down the East Coast. At 82 years of age, the beachcomber lifestyle suits them fine. They spend summers in their Waynesboro, PA ranch home which they have owned for 58 years.

Upon retirement they got the “Keys disease” and went to Key Largo where they spend winters. Between those homes, especially during the glorious fall season, is their favorite large home in a quiet upscale Myrtle Beach neighborhood with private access to the beach.

Their love of the coast has spanned their lifetime together.

“We grew up going to the beach,” Carroll said as he recounts buying a car with friends when they weren’t old enough to drive and had to hire someone to take them to the beach.

“We started courting in high school,” Carroll tells of the life he and Dori share which has just passed the milestone of a 60-year marriage.
He went into the service after high school, being sent to Germany in 1945 and 1946, and they married when he returned.

Their square dancing passion took them throughout the East Coast for events in the 1960s, and they continue to square dance, round dance or participate in ballroom dance clubs at any opportunity.

Driving their Born Free camper, they visited every state except Hawaii and many of the eastern Canadian provinces.

It doesn’t occur to them that they are old, because they have never had complaints, although Dori did admit that “A few things started falling apart at 80.”

At either of their coastal locations, the Pensingers might be found soaking up rays while reading and relaxing on the beach, although they are often busy helping others.

In Waynesboro, he drives a friend to the hospital, delivers meals on wheels and volunteers wherever there is a need. Upon their retirement, she also volunteered for secretarial assistance at their local hospital.

If you see Carroll and Dori, you’ll recognize his straw hat and she will be wearing bright sunny colors to complement her tanned skin and her sunny smile. They’ll be talking to passersby, and you will know you have found the definition of a beachcomber family.


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