Sheri Davis can make almost any idea into cake.

Sheri’s background is art. She first focused on sculpture, design, painting and architecture. Then she began to incorporate her culinary interest.  She soon found her passion to be the combination of art and food.  Discovering her perfect niche she opened  Sheri’s Edible Designs, a cake design business on Hilton Head in 2007, at the age of 22. In January 2009, she expanded to open a huge custom cake art studio.

She bakes, creates, designs and delivers it all herself with no staff. Sure, she can turn out 100 sugar flowers and 11 wedding cakes in a week. Whew! A busy week!  It all tastes as good as it looks too.  Her cakes are never frozen, and everything is made with fresh fruits and ingredients.

“Nothing from a bucket,” Sheri says.

Beyond some traditional choices for wedding or special occasion cakes, Sheri offers her own select temptations. How about It’s Island Time or Pink Champagne! Think anyone could resist the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Chunk? Wonder what she’ll whip up next?

What a dynamic combination! A cake artist rolled into a sweet sparkling personality with a true love for her work.


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