Lowcountry Labels Making Me Thirsty

Island Winery on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, offers a nice tasting experience which is quite a treat for visitors to this resort destination. The area is well known for golf, tennis, water sports and delicious fresh seafood served with a slice of southern sunshine, and now wine lovers have local choices. I’ve sampled some good flavors to discuss soon.

First, I’m studying their creative labels. Being a professed beach lover myself, I can appreciate the coastal theme on their labels. Swaying palm trees and water views entice me to find that island where the wine is chilled just right.

Their artists are located in several different states and Canada, with the primary one being Christina Atchison who currently lives in California. Her Pinot Grigio label is like a watercolor of the actual coast on a perfect crisp spring day, so it really makes me thirsty. The Lowcountry Specialty line features local fruit flavors, and while light fruit such as peach or apple does not usually interest me in a wine flavor these labels appropriately showcase the fresh bright wines such as this Peach Chardonnay.

Christina’s label for the big red Tempranillo also incorporates palm trees and water but gives the impression of dark sky – maybe even a storm approaching – so that it subtly delivers the message announcing its bold contents.  The Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese labels are the same dark beach scene. I cannot wait to taste all of these.

One of my favorites and most representative of the South Carolina Lowcountry is the Southern Passion Wine label by Arianne King Comer. I’m not sure I’m interested in drinking this, but the beautiful label attracts me. I have met and seen much work of the famous batik artist who has relocated to Charleston from Beaufort which is the true heart of the Lowcountry and home to many noted folk artists. Well, ok, I’ll probably taste this Sangria-type blush.

While I wouldn’t ordinarily consider drinking port, I really want to sample it when I look at the Chocolate Orange Port label which is quite appealing with chocolate and orange palms, water and sky. Now take a look and tell me – who doesn’t love a combination of chocolate and orange when it looks so luscious and inviting! This label is by Ken Batelman, a freelancer, author and teacher with a studio in Pennsylvania.

Labels for the Margarita, the Cranberry and the Apple Cinnamon are by Laura Johnston, who works in Canada. These are a bit more whimsical and showcasing fruit rather than the beach, yet they are bright and lively with a distinct lure to tangy fresh tastes.

Loren and Georgene Mortimer opened their winery on Hilton Head in 2006, bringing with them success in producing award-winning wines since 2002 at their Westfall Winery in Montague, New Jersey, as well as Georgene’s Italian heritage of family winemaking.

Check back soon for more tasting comments, or let me know your thoughts. Are you in the neighborhood of a winery or a wine tasting?


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