More than the Tango!

Thought I knew quite a lot about the best beef in the world and a few bottles of Malbec! Also knew something about the tango! Now I find much more that I can enjoy in a visit to Buenos Aires. The new app Buenos Aires Essential Guide, co-authored by Shafik Meghji and Sioned Jones and published by Sutro in their extensive collection of travel apps, is highly recommended for planning a trip and locating everything on arrival. 

It’s a beautiful app, well written and comprehensive, especially useful translations of key phrases so that an English-speaking tourist will not be completely overwhelmed by ignorance of the local language. It’s easy and affordable to download from iTunes for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

The photographs are stunning too!

These authors are experienced writers with major publishing credentials. Shafik has co-authored Rough Guides to Nepal, India, Chile and Bolivia and contributed to several others as well as writing for travel anthologies, newspapers, magazines and websites. Sioned relocated from her home in London to Buenos Aires. She is a linguist and photographer and now works in the language industry.

Check out this guide. It’s top notch!


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