New Gullah Culture Exhibit Opens at Brookgreen Gardens

“Gullah Culture…Remembering While Evolving,” an exhibit of visual art by Patricia Sabree, will be displayed in Learning Lab I of the Wall Lowcountry Center at Brookgreen Gardens from 12 to 4:30 p.m. daily from January 11 through March 13.


Her art reflects her Gullah experiences growing up on a farm with 15 brothers and sisters in Lake City, SC.

Vibrantly colored and filled with energy, each painting tells a story about Gullah culture and lore. “Love Grows” depicts the work ethic of a woman and child planting vegetables.  “Son Raise” showcases the pride of a father and son fishing.  And “Before Convenience” portrays the discipline and joy of hard work as a woman cooks on a wood burning stove.

Sabree, a resident of Bluffton, SC, says her work provides reminiscences of the deep south.  “My paintings are shaped by the stories I lived. Fishing off the river bank or swamp land, walking barefoot in the rain, running in the  blazing sun, playing in a game of outdoor basketball, being whipped across the legs for not doing a chore, and even enjoying ice cream and cake on a sunny summer’s Sunday.”

Sabree is owner/operator of Sabree’s Authentic Gullah Art Gallery, Savannah, GA; Sabree’s Headquarters, Charlotte, NC; and an online gallery at


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