Snacking with Stella


Dried liver snack anyone? Prefer it frozen or organic? Sound tasty? Yes, it’s all yummy, for the dogs!

People and pups love Teresa Brandow who created Stella Snacks.

Stella Snacks are tenderly created and baked locally for the most loved dogs of Hilton Head, and visitors can take snacks home to pets that stayed with a sitter or in a kennel.

Teresa began baking for her dog Stella a few years ago when she believed dog food ingredients were questionable. She experiments with recipes and flavors so her rescued pet can enjoy the best healthy treats.  All of these snacks are made with natural ingredients and no preservatives, although they won’t mold.  She’s proud to announce “no bird beaks or horse hoofs” in these snacks. New products are always being developed including a bio-degradable bag. Barc-Scotti choices are peanut with banana, organic or gluten-free. Canines sometimes have food allergies and special needs, as do humans, according to Teresa.

Brandow is a full-time pastry chef at an upscale private residential community on Hilton Head Island. She has 15 years of baking experience after studying at culinary school at the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. She bakes the doggie treats and delivers product on her days off from her real job. A basket of fresh baked Stella treats can be picked up from 15 locations, including those created with private label for Crazy Crab in Harbour Town. She’s expanding delivery of her product into neighboring cities as well.

All snacks are approved by Stella of course, and some proceeds are donated to the Humane Society.


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