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Right Whale Program at the Museum of Coastal Carolina

The Museum of Coastal Carolina will have a program  March 4 at 11 am featuring the endangered right whale. Right whales are the rarest of all large whales. There are several species, but all are identified by enormous heads, which can measure up to one-third of their total body length. Right whales are endangered and have enjoyed complete international protection since 1949. Several thousand southern right whales are believed to survive, and they have shown some encouraging population growth since their protection. However, scientists believe that there are fewer than 500 Atlantic right whales along the eastern coastline. Allison Smith, a volunteer at the museum and owner of OIB Ghost Walk, will be presenting this program. The Museum of Coastal Carolina is located at 21 East Second Street, Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Admission to the museum is free for members. Non-member all-day admission is $9.50 for adults, $8.50 for seniors, $7.50 for children (3-12), and free for age 2 and under. For more information about the Museum of Coastal Carolina, call 910-579-1016 or visit www.MuseumPlanetarium.org.

Brookgreen Gardens Hosts Black History Month Program

 “Mirrored Images:  Race Relations Today and Yesterday” is the theme of the  Black History Month observance at Brookgreen Gardens on Saturday, February 25.  It will include reflections by the authors of the book, “We Are Charleston:  Tragedy and Triumph at Mother Emanuel” and a performance of freedom songs, spirituals, and work songs, at 1 p.m. in the Wall Lowcountry Center Auditorium.  The program is free with garden admission; however, seating must be reserved at 843-235-6049. (Left to right) Bernard Powers, Ph.D., Marjory Wentworth, Herb Frazier Charleston authors Herb Frazier, Bernard Powers, and Marjory Wentworth will discuss mirrored images as reflected in their writings.  Singer Rozlyn Sorrel of Charlotte, NC will perform a mini-concert during the 90-minute event. Frazier is the public relations and marketing manager for Magnolia Plantation and Gardens near Charleston, S.C. He grew up in the Ansonborough public housing projects in Charleston and at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He has edited and reported for five daily newspapers in the South, including his hometown paper, The Post and Courier.  Powers is professor of history at the College of Charleston teaching courses in American, African American and African diasporic history. His major work, "Black Charlestonians: A Social History 1822-1885," was designated an Outstanding Academic Book by "Choice Magazine."  Wentworth, SC Poet Laureate, is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet who has worked extensively in human rights for organizations such as the UN High Commission for Refugees in Geneva, Switzerland; The Whole World Institute of Boston; and Church World Service in New York. She is the co-author of "Taking a Stand." Brookgreen Gardens, a National Historic Landmark and non-profit organization, is located on U.S. 17 between Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island, South Carolina, and open to the public daily. For more information, visit our web site at www.brookgreen.org or call 843-235-6000.  

Wild Boar Invasion!

The Museum of Coastal Carolina will have a program titled Wild Boar Invasion February 25 at 11 am. The program will be presented by the museum’s education coordinator, Maria Knapik. She will reveal how these animals are an invasive species. Wild boars can eat almost anything, reproduce rapidly, and can live almost anywhere. They have been reported in at least 45 states and their populations now exist as far north as Michigan, North Dakota, and Oregon.  These animals compete for food and space with native wildlife species, especially game animals such as deer and turkey. In the Southeastern US, competition for food is highest during late summer and fall when muscadines, persimmons, and acorns are available. They also are significant predators of eggs and newly hatched young of sea turtles, small mammals, frogs, crabs, mussels, and snakes. The Museum of Coastal Carolina is located at 21 East Second Street, Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Admission to the museum is free for members. Non-member all-day admission is $9.50 for adults, $8.50 for seniors, $7.50 for children (3-12), and free for age 2 and under. For more information about the Museum of Coastal Carolina, call 910-579-1016 or visit www.MuseumPlanetarium.org.  

Winter Concert “More Inspirations from the Dance”

Maestro Charles Jones Evans will lead the Long Bay Youth Symphony (LBYS) in their Winter Concert February 15, 2017, at 7:30 pm at the Myrtle Beach High School Music and Arts Center.  Following up on last season's popular program theme, this concert includes familiar dance-based classics such as Johann Strauss' Voices of Spring Waltzes, Slavonic Dances by Antonin Dvorak, excerpts from Georges Bizet's Carmen, Orchestral Suite No. 1 by J.S. Bach, and even a melody of memorable tunes by Duke Ellington! Special guest artist for this performance is Steven Martinez, an alumnus and former student concerto competition winner with the LBYS who is an active musician with the Long Bay Symphony and many other groups in the area. Mr. Martinez is also on faculty at Coastal Carolina University. He will serve as soloist in the Concerto in F for Double Bass by Antonio Capuzzi. Adult tickets are $10.  Student tickets (21 & under with student ID) are $5. For tickets call the box office 843-448-8379, purchase online at www.LongBaySymphony.com or visit 1107 48th Avenue N., Suite 310-E, Myrtle Beach.

Love is in the Stars at Ingram Planetarium

“Love is in the Stars” will take place on Saturday, February 11 at 7:00 pm with doors opening at 6:30 pm inside Ingram Planetarium. Gazing upon the night sky has long been a source of romance. However, nothing ruins a romantic evening quite like the cold temperatures and cloudy nights that February weather often throws our way. Instead, you will be guaranteed a clear view of the celestial sights that twinkle overhead during “Love is in the Stars” as Ingram Planetarium Manager Will Snyder leads  a guided tour of the many stories of love, loss, and lust that fill our evening sky. Bring your special someone to explore a variety of the sky’s most beautiful sights and discover the ancient love stories that are immortalized in the stars above – including the heroic rescue of the maiden Andromeda by the warrior Perseus and the daring escape of Aphrodite and Eros, the Greek gods of beauty and love. These sights, and many others, await this Valentine’s Day weekend! Ingram Planetarium is located at 7625 High Market Street in Sunset Beach, NC. Admission is free for members. Non-member, per-show admission (including NC sales tax) is $9.50 for adults, $8.50 for seniors (62+), $7.50 for children (3-12), and free for age 2 and under. For more information, call 910-575-0033, visit www.museumplanetarium.org, or like  Facebook.com/IngramPlanetarium.

Meet A Piebald Deer

A piebald deer will be on display in the Green Swamp Diorama February 4, 2017 at 11:00 am. Learn more about this unusual, native animal. Guests will also be introduced to the variety of animals found in our own back yard. A piebald animal is one that has irregular patterns of light and dark. Animals with piebald patterns may include horses, dogs, birds, cats, pigs, cattle, snakes, squirrels, and deer. The piebald condition is caused by a recessive genetic trait. This piebald deer is estimated to be between two and three years old and has had at least one fawn. White-tailed deer mate in November; females produce one to three fawns six months later. White-tailed deer live in wooded areas throughout the United States except for the Southwest, Alaska, and Hawaii. Overpopulation, habitat destruction, hunting, and predators are problems for this gentle animal. White-tailed deer are herbivores. When deer and humans live in close proximity, deer may begin munching on garden and yard plants. The Museum of Coastal Carolina is located at 21 East Second Street in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Admission is free for Museum members. Non-member admission (including NC sales tax) is $9.50 for adults (13-61), $8.50 for seniors (62+), $7.50 for children (3-12), and free for age 2 and under. For more information, call 910-575-1016 or visit www.museumplanetarium.org.

Art Museum Kicks Off Year of the Rooster Feb. 4

In Chinese astrology, those born in the Year of the Rooster are deep thinkers, capable and talented - often outspoken and Roosters are always brave. Join us on Saturday, February 4, from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., when visitors at the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum honor The Year of the Rooster with a Free Family Day celebration of Chinese New Year.
As always, this year's celebration will kick off with a traditional Dragon Parade and Lion Dance, followed by storytelling, Chinese dance and a wide range of games, lectures, demonstrations and family art workshops.
Other activities will include a talk on acupuncture, vegetable carving and musical performances with singing group and on hulusi (Chinese gourde flute), erhu (Chinese fiddle) and guzheng (Chinese zither). There will also be an ice sculpture demonstration with Eric Wagner and martial arts demonstrations including Chi Gong and Tai Chi.
Children will make Chinese toile plates, a rooster hand print mural, lanterns and rooster masks as well as kites (weather permitting). They can play Chinese-originated games such as dominoes or Chinese checkers; watch traditional Chinese paper cutting or have their names written in Chinese calligraphy.
Youngsters can enjoy storytelling and face painting, explore Chinese children's literature or watch a video of Sesame Street's Big Bird in China. There will be two other films, geared towards adults, for viewing throughout the day. The first, titled Guonian, depicts New Year's traditions as they are observed in China. The second, titled The Films of Deben Bhattacharya: Chinese Opera, features the music and dance, religion and social customs related to the everyday life of people in several countries of Asia and Eastern Europe.
While attending the event, visitors are encouraged to browse the Museum's current exhibits.
Admission to all events is free. For further information, call 843-238-2510.
Special thanks to our sponsor, AVX/Kyocera Foundation.
All Day Events
Children's workshops including Chinese toile plates, rooster hand print mural, lanterns and rooster masks
Kites (weather permitting)
Face painting
Chinese literature for kids
Your name in Chinese calligraphy
Paper folding and cutting
Tea and fortune cookies
New Year cake and chopsticks
Mah Jong, dominoes and Chinese checkers
Chinese New Year videos
Chinese culture display
Scheduled Events
11 a.m.                             Dragon Parade with Mint Hill Kung Fu School
11:10 a.m.                        Lion Wakes Up opening cereomy with Mint Hill
11:30 a.m.                        Storytelling with Joan Leotta
12:00 p.m.                        Tai Chi demonstration
12:30 p.m.                        Vegetable Carving with Eric Wagner and Nan Black
1 p.m.                              Musical performances with singing group and on hulusi (Chinese                                                      gourd flute), erhu (Chinese fiddle) and guzheng (Chinese zither)
1:15 p.m.                         "Why the Soldier Smiled" talk with Joan Leotta
1:30 p.m.                          Ice Sculpture Demonstration with Eric Wagner
2:00 p.m.                          Chi Gong demonstration with Jimmy Revell
2:15 p.m.                          Acupuncture talk with Jennifer M. Kiser, L.Ac.
2:30 p.m.                          Martial Arts Demonstrations with Mint Hill
3 p.m.                              Lion Goes to Sleep with Mint Hill
Images from  2015 Chinese New Year celebration:

North Carolina State Reptile

The eastern box turtle, scientifically named Terrapene Carolina Carolina,  is known for having patterned yellow, orange, or red streaks. These turtles are also known for their strong homing instincts and their direction. If you rescue one crossing a road, take it to the side in the direction is was going. It knows where it wants to go! Visit the Museum of Coastal Carolina  January 21 at 11 AM for this exciting program! The Museum of Coastal Carolina is located at 21 East Second Street, Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Admission to the museum is free for members. Non-member all-day admission is $9.50 for adults, $8.50 for seniors, $7.50 for children (3-12), and free for age 2 and under. For more information about the Museum of Coastal Carolina, call 910-579-1016 or visit www.MuseumPlanetarium.org.

American Civil War Corps Commander at Museum of Coastal Carolina on January 17

The Sand Bar Lecture Series continues at the Museum of Coastal Carolina featuring the American Civil War Corps Commander Tuesday, January 17 at 6 PM. Join presenter Douglas Elliott for an evening of enlightenment on life in the early 1860's and accept a promotion to the level of Corp Commander in the American Civil War. Our view of the world today is through 2017 eyes but he will step you back into the 1860's and change your view and perspective. He’ll explore how he got the job, what is needed to know, responsibilities, and the effects of your actions.  When done you will have a perspective on the military, political, and social impacts of decisions. Together the group will discuss how this new found knowledge was applied at the battle of Gettysburg and look forward to today to see how much has changed. Elliott notes, “I look forward to our time together and promise a night of learning, lots of interactive discussion, and time for questions.” Elliott’s background includes portraying an American Civil War reenactor for 18 years, a lifelong military history student, a member of the 140th New York Volunteer Infantry Living History Organization, and he has delivered 200+ lectures to students of all ages on the Civil War. He can be seen on the Documentary "Regiment" as a historical commentator. Admission to the museum is free for museum and dual museum/planetarium members. Non-member all-day admission (including NC sales tax) is $9.50 for adults, $8.50 for seniors, $7.50 for children (3-12), and free for age 2 and under. For more information, call the museum at 910-579-1016 or visit www.MuseumPlanetarium.org.

Calabash NC gallery to feature works by wood carver Jim Comer and clay artist Brian Evans

Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash, NC,  presents Elements of Nature from Saturday, Jan. 14 through Saturday, Feb. 25. The exhibition features the wildlife woodcarvings of Ocean Isle Beach artist Jim Comer along with clay vessels and art pottery by Wilmington artist Brian Evans. An opening reception is set for Saturday, Jan. 14 from 2 – 5 p.m. The public is invited.

Jim Comer, Green Heron, wood

Jim Comer began carving and painting birds and ducks as a hobby over 42 years ago, originally working in basswood on New York’s Long Island. These days, living in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, he prefers tupelo (black gum) wood because of its highly desirable working characteristics for stability and finely detailed surfaces.

Brian Evans, vessel, clay

As a young student, Wilmington, NC clay artist Brian Evans studied under Hiroshi Sueyoshi and Don Johns. He has since developed his own following, receiving many honors and awards, including a regional artist grant for New Hanover County. He says, “I make pottery because I find the tactile experience of artistic expression in clay exciting. The feeling of the clay in my hands and the rhythm of the potter’s wheel can be quite therapeutic… My pottery mainly consists of vessel forms, which I enjoy because they are an intimate part of the daily ritual in people’s lives.   Gallery owner Ginny Lassiter says, “This is a wonderful way to start the new year. Both Jim and Brian exemplify creativity and excellence. I’m excited to showcase their work in this special show.”   Sunset River Marketplace showcases work by approximately 150 North and South Carolina artists, and houses some 10,000 square feet of oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, mixed media, art glass, fabric art, pottery, sculpture, turned and carved wood and artisan-created jewelry. There are two onsite kilns and four wheels used by students in the ongoing pottery classes offered by the gallery. A custom framing department is available. There are realistic and abstract art classes as well as workshops by nationally and regionally known artists. For more information, call 910.575.5999 or visit the website at www.sunsetrivermarketplace.com. Sunset River Marketplace is located at 10283 Beach Drive SW (Hwy. 179), Calabash, N.C. Regular hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For daily updates, “like” the gallery’s page on Facebook