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Are You Going Out With the Trash?

Cleaning house here, literally and figuratively. Yes, we are cleaning the whole house, two offices and all the files and computers.

We truly value and treasure our friends and clients who work with us on a continuing and long-term basis, and we are happy to have our work appreciated. You know who you are! We are always available to you and won’t put your stuff in the trash, even if it’s been completed.

It’s always exciting to begin new projects (any time of year really) and equally satisfying to let go of finished (or dead) items. A few changes will be announced here during January, and new work will soon begin.

If you are not already on our schedule or in an ongoing contractual arrangement, speak up before the new calendar is filled. If we already have a personal working relationship, you know you can call or email anytime and expect quick response. If you don’t have personal contact information, complete either of the contact forms on this page. It’s completely confidential too, and we will respond as appropriate.

If you received some free consulting, marketing, photography, editing, writing or other assistance from usĀ in 2014, it’s been delivered with a smile, but now it’s going out with the trash. If you plan to follow up in 2015, let us know now or your stuff will beĀ unavailable.

Huge wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year to all!