Tee Tee Celebrated Her 90th

Helen Burton

There is something about the generation that made it through the Depression that makes them special. Many of those people who made it through those tough times can remember the hardships their family endured. They are now approaching their ninth decade of life and some near the century mark.

One of these special people reaching 90 years old is Helen Burton.  Several dozen of her family and friends gathered at her daughter’s home in Richmond July 17 to celebrate this important milestone.  Most of those who attended were from the immediate area; however, one had traveled from the Philippines.  Also there to help with the celebration were her two remaining siblings as well as her four grandchildren, with one of them and his wife traveling from their home in the Caribbean.

The Burton Family

Although in somewhat fragile health, her memory is super sharp and her bridge game formidable. She commented, “I might be around for the 95th.”

Helen has had a very exciting life in her 90 years. From being a member of a championship high school basketball team, to sitting on a jury in a death penalty rape trial,  to surviving a bank robbery by a gun-wielding thug – she has seen a lot.

Helen is known by the nickname “Tee Tee” to almost all family and friends of long ago. However, I have my own nicknames for her. She has always been such a fun loving character that I have called her “Hellion.” “Sweets” is another name that I have often used for her also. She has been so sweet to me during my whole life.

Sweets, I love you always!


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